Sam Manns house of sheens women
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Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Women are nothing but machines for producing children.” And we cannot disagree more. All it takes is a look at these amazing 5 #SheensWomen to be quickly reminded that we’re an amazing species to be celebrated.

#1 – Drea Chong

Drea Chong sheens women
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Reminds us that youth is not something to be trifled with.

This young social media mogul is the founder of Digital Advertising Agency, DC Creative, and blogger behind Her blog started in 2013, and her clientele list has since expanded to include vast range of top brands, including: Steve Madden, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, and more.


#2 – Viola Tan

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Reminds us that we were each born for a great purpose.

Viola Tan is the co-founder and executive director of the Love, Bonito Group. She is responsible for the success Love, Bonito is today, and has relentlessly pushes new boundaries in reaching out to customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia. P.S: She used to be a teacher with zero experience in the fashion industry. What an inspiration!


#3 – Dolores Au

Dolores Au vlv sheens women
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Reminds us that grit is a rare and precious virtue

This woman runs a 20,000 sq ft modern Chinese dining venue known as VLV, makes time to look after her five daughters each day, and runs a website for mothers – all at the same time. This woman is Dolores Au, and we have no idea how she does it.

Things were not always rosy for this supermom. When she first started her own PR agency, she was a newly divorced single mom who didn’t get to see her daughter much. Would you just look at her now…


#4 – Sunita Pong

Sunita Pong House of sheens women
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Reminds us that kindness is strength

Currently the Chief Strategist and Deception Detection Expert at Project Renaissance, Sunita is someone who could have let the troubles of life get her down. She didn’t have an easy childhood, but despite that, now makes life so much better for the people around her. We hope for your sake that you get to meet this woman in real life- She just radiates love, dignity, and strength.


#5 – Amadea Ng

Amadea Ng house of sheens women
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Reminds us to always be good to yourself

This young lady is a Creative Strategist at Facebook and an Embodied Flow 200RYT certified who teaches awesome flow yoga at Although she grew up not knowing how to appreciate her unique beauty, Amadea now exudes confidence and acceptance.


These are just five of the amazing women on our local #SheensWomen list. We’re sure you have your own inspiring mentors- Share with us if you think of someone!