Celebrities, they’re just like us!

In fact, we often take our fashion cues straight from them, even noteworthy cues like how they carry their bags around. With their great styling and fashionable budgets, they may have million dollar wardrobes, but even we can pick up some priceless tips from them on how to carry our bags.

1) On the shoulder

Image credit: starstyle.com

We call this the easy breezy way of carrying your bag. Lightly slung on the shoulder, bag carrying this way just looks effortlessly chic, and so easy to pull off! Just ask Jamie Chung.

Try it with our Mini Bee WoW bag in Black:

Bee WoW Mini Black Python Leather House of Sheens2) Crossbody

Image credit: The Budget Babe

We see you Mandy Moore, shrugging it off. Her bag wearing style screams casual and snug, not unlike the outfit that she’s paired it with at the airport. With a little more support and closeness to the body, your bag won’t be rolling off your shoulder anytime soon with the crossbody position!

Try it with our Go Clutch Blue with Gold Streaks:

3) Tucked under your arm

Image credit: chic-steals.com

Seriously, we can’t fault SJP for using the most practical move by tucking her oversized clutch under her arm, because it’s what we would do if we had to make a phone call too! Let’s face it, we’d use our arms in whatever way we could too, while still trying to look alluring.

Try it with Go Clutch Black:

4) Underhand grip:

Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

When the paps are right on your tail, sometimes you’ve just got to grab your clutch bag firmly from below and find your exit. Gigi Hadid shows the perfect stylish exit if you’ve ever in need of hurrying.

Try it with Ava Black and Blue:

Ava black blue python leather clutch house of sheens5) Fingers only:

Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

Jenna Dewan does it the classic way while holding her clutch. With a bag that’s small and flat enough to grip, this should be a no-brainer for every fashionista out there.

Try it with Ava Festive Grey Pink beads:

ava festive clutch pink flowers python leather house of sheens