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Image Credit: Diving For Pearls

Christmas time is always a special season filled with an overwhelming air of goodness. Yet we have to admit- It’s also the time of the year where some of us feel slightly lonelier than usual. If you’ve just gotten over a breakup, made a big move, or are reconsidering various facets of your life, Christmas can be quite sobering. In times like these, we love to call on the powers of retail therapy. When was the last time you bought yourself a present?

#1 – I Want The Missing Piece

missing piece house of sheens christmas local brand
Image Credit: I Want The Missing Piece

Shop both casual and dressy numbers at this one-stop fashion outlet. All moms out there- Get ready to twist and shout, because I Want The Missing Piece makes outfits for the whole family. Yes, Mother-Daughter outfits that actually totally rock! We love how their signature cut is universally flattering. Psst! Perfect for CNY too.

#2 – Chocolate Gems

Image Credit: Chocolate Gems

This bespoke private jeweller is crazy about her gems, and stops at nothing to make sure her customers look utterly perfect with their unique pieces. If you’re looking for a custom design, stop by 115 Amoy Street, #04-00 for an appointment. You may also drop them an email or connect with them on Instagram.

#3 – @divascloset8

Image Credit: Divas Closet

Bold and beautiful is the mantra at Divas Closet. The brand is always in a festive, joyous mood, and blends culture with contemporary style so seamlessly. Just take a look at their embroidered bolero jacket. Want to make heads turn wherever you go? Stop by their showroom, or reach out to them via Instagram.

#4 – Matter Prints

Image Credit: Matter Prints

This is one brand we deeply admire. Think: Great pants, stunning patterns and textures, and an inspiring ethos. Matter Prints has a threefold mission – to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire customers to value provenance and process, and pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities.

#5 – Diving For Pearls

Image Credit: Diving For Pearls

Diving For Pearls is all about the female form and the sensualities it carries. It’s classy, statement-making minimalism that lingers in your heart. Also, they offer free mailing on all orders within Singapore! (We’re currently drooling at their stunning Lolita Collection)

#6 – Beyond The Vines

Image Credit: Beyond The Vines

The contemporary womenswear label strives to create thoughtful, understated designs that are effortlessly charming. With Beyond The Vines, it’s about bold contours, delicate, rich hues, and clean textures that bring you back to the basics of artful aesthetic.

Alright, there we have it. We’re pretty sure something caught your eye (and heart). Don’t spend Christmas time moping. If you’ve been feeling the blues lately, it’s time to buy something nice for yourself, darling. You’ll feel infinitely better.