There’s something beautiful about Christmas season, and we’d like to attribute a considerable part of that to a wondrous (also, inescapable) spirit of giving that seems to descend upon us ever so gently this time each year. We think that there’s something about gift-giving that makes us better people. Don’t you?


And what better person to bless with a trinket than the one who gave you the universe’s two greatest gifts of all: Life, and love. That’s right- Here are some House of Sheens accessories we think your Mom would absolutely adore.


#1 – Burgundy Python Leather Cuff ($50)
For Edgy Mom

Burgundy Gold-Studded Cuff

These Python cuffs are great for fashionistas of all ages. Trust us, we’ve had a ton of our wiser #SheensWomen first say these cuffs wouldn’t be suitable for someone their age, but then immediately change their minds after trying one on.


#2 – Black Python Leather Cardholder ($45)
For Career Mom
Cardholder BlackIf your momma is the type who loves a good challenge at work, and never backs down when it comes to pursuing her dreams, this gorgeous cardholder is a classic gift that is sure to make her smile.


#3 – Bee WoW Mini Copper ($360)
For quirky mom


If your mom loves prints, colours, or has a low key case of Magpie Syndrome, this playful Bee WoW Mini in copper bag is for her. The bag’s iridescent texture is sure to have her eyes sparkling with joy.


#4 – Ava festive clutch ($250)
For cultural mom

If mom is the sort who still follows tradition closely, and keeps long-lasting practices deep in her heart, this clutch may just become the newest part of her wardrobe-culture. This one goes perfectly with a simple black dress, and classic diamond earrings. Classy.

#5- Impavido clutch ($450)
For daredevil mom

Impavido means ‘fearless’ in Italian. Does your mom like pushing boundaries, setting new limits, and making a splash wherever she goes? This is the clutch for her. Plus, you’ll be paying her a subtle, yet huge compliment passing her this gift.


#6 – Athena sandals in beige ($99)
For carefree mom

If mom has a laid back attitude when it comes to life, loves long walks, and almost always cools the room down with her breezy character, our Athena sandals would definitely help her to continue walking gracefully for a long time.

#7 – Travel tote in Brown ($650)
For globetrotter mom

If mom is a jet setter who never compromises on style, this bag will definitely become one of her staples in no time. Durable, lightweight, and functional to a fault, this bag will contain everything she needs on hand quickly.


There we go! It’s time to get cracking and get mom the Christmas gift she deserves. After all, she has done countless beautiful things for you that cannot ever truly be repaid. Shop for mom today on our site.