9 Chic Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Daughter


9 Chic Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Daughter Singapore 2016


If your stuck for Mother’s Day gift ideas this 2016 here are my top Mother’s Day gift-from-daughter ideas that will surely pamper your Mum.

I’m in my 30’s now and my Mum is in her 60’s. This year she is finally retired, and with me and my other two siblings out of the house, she only has my dad to look after.

She can finally really enjoy some of her own “me” time and as her daughter I love the chance on Mother’s Day to be able to pamper her with little chic gifts I know she’d probably never buy for herself.

Our Mother’s lived selflessly for a long time to bring us up in this world and Mother’s Day is the day we should celebrate that! If you also have a Mum in her 60’s, try these 9 chic Mother’s Day gift-from-daughter gift ideas that will make her feel herself again.

Angela. Xx

1. Perfume Chance by Chanel Fragrance, $125.00 USD
2. Lacy Lingerie Kiki De Montparnasse Bra, $149 USD
3. Drop Style Earrings Kurshuni Rose Gold Bar Drop Earrings, $115.00 SGD
4. Black Clutch House Of Sheens Ava Clutch, $250.00 SGD
5. Scented Candles Maissone Host Candle, $65 SGD
6. Bold Statement Necklace Nat Kent Selen Necklace, $189.00 SGD
7. Organic Skin Care Ayelli 100% Organic Argan Oil, $68 SGD
8. Cocktail Ring Elverd Chloe Pink Quartz Ring, $490 SGD
9. Laser Cut Heels Zara Open Work Heels, $149 SGD