We are so thrilled with the must-have color group trend for 2016. We have pick the top 3 retro shade that creates 70’s nostalgia with rich hues like coffee, chestnut and chocolate. We have designed modern seventies color-inspired clutches that will be on trend this year. First up would be our Ava Mano Clutch in Copper-tone. Copper-tone offers the richest shade of brown, Unfolding from lighter copper in recent seasons. Well combined with plum and dark chocolate colors. This season we designed our clutches in the most striking snakeskin leather and has soft suede leather interior.

First up would be our Ava Mano Clutch in Copper-tone. Copper-tone offers the richest shade of brown, Unfolding from lighter copper in recent seasons. Well combined with plum and dark chocolate colors.

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The second one is our Ava Fan Clutch in Dust grey. Dust Grey is one of the soft pastels. Soft Pastels are one of the most important groups of the season. Lead prominently by Blue Hydrangea. The other fashion pastels are the Lemon Chiffon, saturated hues of Lavender mist, and Sea Glass. It feels like futurism and edgy fashion have linked together this season.

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The last one would be our Ava Fan Clutch in two-toned Snorkel blue, it is one of the most popular blues of the season, set as a brighter summer substitute to Electric Blue. This has a happier and energetic vibe. This goes well with iced-coffee color, buttercup and Peach echo, which are also trending colors for the season. This color entices escapism and excitement.

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It has been almost a year, Our founder Shireena Manchharam. Represented India in Mrs Expat Singapore and won the Miss Brilliant Title. A full-time mother with two beautiful kids and a businesswoman, Head designer of House of Sheens. Here is a short interview on her secret on her youthful glow and truly blissful living…



How would you describe your own personality?

My personality is creative, passionate and friendly! I’m also extremely driven and determined to succeed and attain all my goals.

What is your diet? How do you keep yourself healthy and glowing?

I try to be as healthy as I can at home, but I’m such an insane foodie that when I eat out, which is pretty often, I go for all the rich and glorious food like uni, bone marrow and oysters! I am absolutely obsessed with eating and that’s why I go to the gym 5 days a week and practice yoga and tennis.

How do you de-stress? 

I de stress by reading, watching series and just being with my family. Time with my kids is the best thing in the world and makes every little shred of stress melt away.

What advice you can give to all the women out there? 

I would give advice – be yourself, be authentic and never try and be anyone else but who you are. I think women are constantly trying to reach unattainable levels of perfection and when we accept ourselves for who we are, and also for what we have, we would be a lot happier.

With Love, Shireena

Diwali season is just around the corner! We have compiled a fashion inspiration look for this happening occasion. We just love couture designer Manish Arora’s style its full of glamour and beauty! A flashback from his 2013 Spring Collection is below to give you a gorgeous feel of the kind of creation he comes up with.

These ready-to-wear pieces emblazoned with large diamond prints are stunning, and yet the garments are neat and simple. These styles are inspired by traditional Indian costumes.

Churidar (legging-like trousers with dresses) were morphed into shift dresses with leggings, salwar kameez (long shirt and matching trousers) into chic silk ensembles, and saris appeared in sparse touches on evening dresses. Arora taps on the 1980’s feel for this collection: embroidered tiger print and gold sequins.

Manish Arora- Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection
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New in!! We are so excited to reveal our newest arrival, Our Ava fan Clutch in gold. This elegant clutch fits perfectly with this modern Indian style. We will launch it online very soon!


This fall, Vanilla Luxury has came up with 5 wearable fall trends, Featuring our Sencillo Flats in black. It’s interior is made out of Snakeskin leather, This ballet flats have a cushioned insole in calf leather and a concealed wedge heel for comfort and a little lift perfect for fall it also has variety of colors, In Aqua Blue and Natural.

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This luxury brand is all about bold colours, vibrant patterns and experimental prints. Specially crafted by artisans within South East Asia, House of Sheens is a quaint boutique that carries chic exotic skin clutches, totes, and shoes. The pieces exude elegance despite its loud persona – the perfect amalgam of both styles. Perfect if you have an acquired taste or just need to boost that outfit!

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