Get head to toe ready for CNY with House of Sheens and 2 other amazing local brands Chocolate Gems and I Want The Missing Piece at our showroom on 1-3 February. Shop our newest Go Clutch to be launched at the event, get accessorized with Chocolate Gems and coordinate your outfit with I Want the Missing Piece, while enjoying coffee and a day of personalized shopping with us.

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house of sheens christmas brands
Image Credit: Diving For Pearls

Christmas time is always a special season filled with an overwhelming air of goodness. Yet we have to admit- It’s also the time of the year where some of us feel slightly lonelier than usual. If you’ve just gotten over a breakup, made a big move, or are reconsidering various facets of your life, Christmas can be quite sobering. In times like these, we love to call on the powers of retail therapy. When was the last time you bought yourself a present?

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