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True beauty comes from within, but we don’t deny that the way you clothe yourself can starkly change the way you feel inside. Just ask Cinderella- After all, she’s living proof that a good pair of shoes can change your life.

Before you purchase that next pair of heels though, we’d like to take another leaf from Cinderella’s book. The Disney Princess may have been delusional (She talked to mice) but she was always kind and helpful. In fact, we think that’s why her fairy godmother gave her those glass slippers. And those glass slippers… They got married to the love of her life (and complete stranger).

OKAY. What we’re really trying to say is: Kindness begets kindness. So here’s seven fashion brands we love because they only make you look and feel great, but positively impact others.

#1 – The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys House of Sheens
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The Giving Keys employs those transitioning out of homelessness, and with help from their non-profit partner Chrysalis, creates new possibilities of self-sufficiency for the homeless and struggling. The Giving Keys’ products feature powerful words of empowerment, making them perfect inspirational gifts for your closest BFFs.

#2 – Lemlem

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Started by model Liya Kebede, Lemlem features hand-spun women and children’s clothing. The line was founded to preserve the art of traditional weaving in Ethiopia, and provides job opportunities to female artisans across Africa. Five percent of all Lemlem sales also go to its sister organisation, the Liya Kebede Foundation.


#3 – Roma Boots

Roma Boots House of Sheens
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It’s simple with Roma Boots. For every pair sold, a new pair is donated to a child in need. Ten percent of the brand’s proceeds also go into funding educational initiatives around the world. Which brings us to:


#4 – TOMS

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TOMS enables countless partner organisations through their One for One model. By giving their products and services to support sustainable programs for kids and communities in need, Toms has helped keep a diverse range of initiatives alive, including: Recovery of sight to the blind, Anti-Bullying, and even Safe Birth Programs.


#5 – Soko

Soko House of Sheens
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Soko is an ethical jewelry and accessories brand that brings handmade goods from emerging markets to first-world consumers. They also help build businesses in communities, and are all about female empowerment. In fact, their jewelry supply ensures that artisans from emerging countries earn five times more than they previously would have.


#6 – tentree

Tentree House of Sheens
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tentree plants, well, 10 trees for every product purchased. To date, the company has removed an astonishing amount of pollution from the atmosphere, and has restored tens of thousands acres of land.


#7 – House of Sheens

BeeWoW House of Sheens
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This is not a #ShamelessPlug. We’re stand very #proud of the fact that our products have directly contributed to female empowerment causes worldwide, including the UN Committee for Women and Children, and the Malala Fund, which ensures girls around the world, especially in the global South, receive quality education.

Our upcoming BeeWoW collection is also about enabling women to be(e) authentic and strong, and we can’t wait for it to drop this month on 24th October during our launch.

There we are. Stay awake, friends. The world has more than just seven life-changing fashion brands. Be like Cinderella. Cinderella is ethical. Cinderella kind. Cinderella made a difference. You can change the world with your style. Why not start today?