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Image Credit: Wear Oh Where

What do you first see when you look in the mirror? Most of us immediately turn our attention to: Pores, wrinkles, scars, and every other imperfection. But there is so much more to us than a reflection.

And what the mirror can’t display, we want you to proudly carry on your shoulders.

Introducing: House of Sheens’ Bee WoW Collection.

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Image Credit: Wear Oh Where

Jointly designed and produced by House of Sheens and Wear Oh Where, the BeeWoW collection was made to empower and inspire women to be(e) their authentic selves. The bee motif was specifically chosen to represent femininity, strength, hard work, and the power of community, and is a dedication to every woman’s unique portion of beauty, experience, and self worth.

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Image Credit: Wear Oh Where

Available in two sizes, only 66 bags will be available at the upcoming Bee WoW Collection Launch on 24th October. Every bag features classic gold hardware, adjustable gold straps, suede inner lining, and a zipper compartment, proving that classy and cute are no longer mutually exclusive looks.

Bee WoW Bag - 1
Image Credit: Wear Oh Where

The Bee WoW bag launch will be held on October 24th, 2017, 6 to 9pm at The Club Hotel on 28 Ann Siang Road, and will feature a panel of five prominent women who will be sharing their journeys and most awe-inspiring experiences with the crowd.

The powerful lineup includes Viola Tan (co-founder of Love, Bonito), Dolores Au (founder of VLV and co-founder of Mummyfique), Sunita Pong (Chief strategist and Deception Detection Expert at Project Rennaissance), and Amadea Ng (Yoga instructor and Creative Strategist at Facebook). Guests will also be treated to canapés and cocktails, and a short performance by local singer-songwriter Adia Tay.

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Image Credit: Wear Oh Where

Our founder, Shireena, says, “This bag will be your everything. Iconic, versatile, and adorned with the adorable bee, the BeeWoW bag embodies everything that House of Sheens stands for.”

Excited yet? Join us for the launch, where you can get your hands on one of the 66 limited edition bags available. RSVP here. #BeeWoW