(Winner of House of Sheens’ Paon Bag, Marcia Capon and friend)
House of Sheens is delighted to be able to sponsor a bag for Runway Heroes, a fashion event with a cause organized by First Hand Charity. All proceeds are donated to organizations in Cambodia, that help prevent child trafficking.
More pictures of the event can be viewed here.

Into the second year of our collaboration with MDIS School of Fashion and Design, House of Sheens is proud to have a pool of talented students coming forth with creative and outstanding designs.

After a careful deliberation and a round of presentation, House of Sheens is proud to present certificates of participation and our winners of the Design Competition 2015.

1st Winner – Charmaine Teo

1st Runner Up – Joe Zhang Lei

2nd Runner Up – Anna Lee

On this note, we would like to mention a special thank you to the amazing co-ordinating lecturers at MDIS School of Fashion and Design (Aven and Bernie) as well as congratulate all participants and winners of House of Sheens’ Design Competition 2015.

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House of Sheens’ exclusive giveaway for Singapore’s #1 Singles Party @ f.club  – Valentine Vendetta 2015 !

Embellished with contemporary stones and previously featured on Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes.

This one-of-a-kind Threety Bag (worth SGD$300.00) was presented to a very lucky winner.

Watch this space for an exciting and upcoming lineup of events!

*Drumroll…. Introducing the winner of the House of Sheens – MDIS Collaboration: Penn Ramirez Galdo! She blew us away with her intricate designs and passion for fashion. We sat down with her for an interview to get to know her better!
  1. Why did you choose to take up Fashion & Design at MDIS?

I took up Fashion & Design in MDIS because I want to seek experience and all the knowledge about fashion Industry. MDIS has been an amazing training ground for me. Giving us an opportunity to tap on different kinds of aspects of fashion may it be on designing and marketing. The experience I have gained so far has been very fulfilling and I want to further my studies in MDIS School of Fashion Design.

  1. How do you think Fashion & Design is relevant to your personal everyday life?

Fashion is one thing and design is another thing. Fashion for me is something that is eternal and contagious. I may not follow certain fashion trends but I choose trends that last for a long time, and those that fit my body type. Design is something I have been mastering for a long time through inspiration from everywhere and constant practice. In my everyday life fashion and design has been that platform for me to show who I really am as a person and as an aspiring and emerging designer.

  1. Could you tell us how you have progressed as a student from the start of the program to the end?

In my study, so far I have been so open to all suggestions and criticisms on my work (at first I may be very discouraged) and I think as a designer the important key is to stay humble and submissive and that’s where all small things starts and gets bigger. I’ve also learned that it’s not about what you know but who you know, building good relationships with fellow designers and all the people around me is the best achievement.

  1. Where do your inspirations come from?

My Inspiration mainly comes from my love for abstract art from nature, zooming in to different kinds of forms that are naturally existing on a subject, and I always go for something different and untouched subjects. And I want this trend to be modernized and this made my work come into breathing. I was before a fine arts student who has been always exploring on different kind subjects that later helped me mostly on my design inspirations today.

  1. Which is/are the designer(s) who you admire the most?

I admire Francis Libiran who is a famous couture designer in the Philippines, He has been an inspiration for me to really tap on to something different yet full of beauty. One thing I really like about him is his technique of modernizing Philippine traditional fashion. His usage of Philippine’s rich natural resources like our pearls and shells to make cutting edge designs and Pineapple fibers to create an amazing garment flow and most importantly his design ethics. His designs have been recognized by the west and featured in America’s Next Top Model.

  1. Which designer bag(s) do you like the most, from your perspective as a designer? Why?

I love Marchesa! They have built a fashion empire defined by elegant eveningwear and one of a kind couture designs. They have this high level of sophistication and femininity in their bags. They always have this unique brand identity that I cannot compare to anyone. I want to somehow adopt this identity on my designs especially on bag designing, Just like Marchesa, I want women to feel beautiful and confident as they strut and carry the handbags and purses.

7. Could you show us some of your works that you are really proud of?

I participated in an inter-school fashion design competition called EMERGE in 2012. It’s a youth event in our church. Having 1,000 participants from different art schools. And won the 1st Price. My winning piece is called Spektra.


This design is inspired by the movie Black Swan in 2010 starring Natalie Portman, this is one of our first assignment. This is a ready-to-wear piece for a fashionable ballerina; this piece is very unique because of its square shape sleeves warrior-like giving the model a sense of confidence and avant-garde take on her everyday casual look.

This is my entry for Digital Fashion Week 2014 in Singapore. I was shortlisted to be able to represent MDIS in this event.

Meet the 1st Runner Up of the House of Sheens – MDIS Collaboration: Coral Cai! Coral works full time and still has the energy to pursue her passion in fashion… She is really the ultimate modern lady whom we should all aspire to become! We caught up with her to learn more about her experience and inspiration.
  1. Why did you choose to take up Fashion Design at MDIS?

The reason why I chose to take up this Fashion Design course at MDIS is because of its curriculum that is in-line with what I wanted to learn and openness to students without art background but have great passion for fashion design. It has proven that I have made the right choice from what I have learnt and achieved now that I have completed this 1-year diploma course.

  1. Could you tell us how you have progressed as a student from the start of the program to the end?

In short, “from nothing to something”. I have not studied art as a major before and I could not really draw or paint anything presentable. Initially, design to me is very abstract and far-fetch. But now I could do fashion sketches and illustrations to present my design ideas and develop designs. Putting all that I have learn from this course and my lecturers, I am able to show my design works and make them into reality, draw them out from my mind and make them in real life.

  1. How do you think Fashion Design is relevant to your personal everyday life?

It is something that makes me happy everyday! From how I match my outfit and express myself, to looking for inspiration for my work-in-progress (be it design or non-design related).

  1. Where do your inspirations come from?

I draw inspirations from nature, architectures, people, phrases and even emotions. Anybody or anything that I can strike a chord with.

  1. Who is/are the designer(s) that you admire the most?

My Mum! She is not a professional designer, but all pretty dresses that I have worn as a toddler were all designed and sew by my Mum. She acquired her sewing skills on the job when she used to work in an apparel production company and as a home-based seamstress twenty years ago. I remembered as a child, I saw my Mum sewing wedding gowns and dresses. At that time I thought my Mum knew magic and her tool were her sewing machine and fabric scissors with gold-plated handles, transforming flat fabrics into tall, long gowns that looked enormous to me back then. My Mum used to design and make all her clothes too; T-shirts and jeans were the only things she bought off the shelves. She is my first teacher in fashion design.

The other professional Fashion Designer that I admire most will be Iris Van Herpen. I love her futuristic and unconventional style and her designs and ideas are always beyond just fashion. Her innovative designs and blending of technology in fashion always bring new insights. I also admire the way she works collaboratively with other artists/designers to come up with exemplary works.

  1. Could you show us some of your proudest works?

This is my first sports outfit I have designed and constructed. The inspiration is from the movie “Hunger Games”.

The outfit below is a short dress inspired from an active volcano. In this outfit I have view the volcano from space to create a dystopian mood.