Finella Ang, a student of MDIS School of Fashion & Design, captured our attention with her beautiful Sakura-inspired portfolio of drawings.

Her fashion sketches of garments and bags wow-ed us so much that we eventually selected her as the 2nd runner-up, even when she was absent for the discussion session with us about her shortlisted entry! This is what true art and fashion does – it conveys the artist’s message and talent clearly without any need for words or verbal explanation!

How do you think Fashion & Design is relevant to your personal everyday life?
We dress ourselves up every day, and whether it’s for work or school, everyone wants to look good and smart in their outfit. I didn’t really have much fashion sense before I took up this Diploma course in MDIS. I usually dress very casually in a top, shorts and scandals when I go out. After I took up this course, I started to put in more effort in my everyday outfits. Also, when I’m out shopping for apparels, I would know if that piece is affordable for the price, just from its material used and sewing.


Why did you choose to take up Fashion & Design at MDIS?
I’ve had great passion in Art since I was young. However, I decided to go for something a little more than just art. Fashion is a part of Art too, and that’s why I chose to take up Fashion & Design.


Could you tell us how you have progressed as a student from the start of the program to the end?
As I didn’t have any background in Fashion Design, I started from ground zero. At first, we learned how to draw fashion croquis in the correct proportions and postures.
Next, we were exposed to different mix medias (e.g. watercolours) in our fashion illustration artworks. Now, I have gained the ability to design and make garments from scratch!


Which is/are the designer(s) who you admire the most?
Alexander McQueen, as I really love his clutches. I really like the clutch designs because there are a lot of fine details in it, like embroidery and engraving.


Where do your inspirations come from?
My inspiration depends on the theme of that assignment that is given to us (e.g. Movies, botanical images, architecture). Anything and everything around us can inspire a form of fashion in our designs.


Could you show us some of your works which you are really proud of? 



 This is the second garment that I’ve made for my school assignment. It was really tedious because at that point of time, I didn’t know how sew at all! Fortunately, with the help of my lecturers and after many sleepless nights, I finally completed this garment.
This is a peacock-inspired garment. The material used was duchess satin, netting and lining. Garments that are inspired by peacock are usually green or blue. However, I chose black for this garment because I find that black suits my design more as it brings out the elegance of the garment.
My lecturers also selected it as one of the top few designs to be displayed at my school fashion studio’s window display. This really made me feel that my works are recognized, and it really gave me a great sense of achievement!
For the first time ever, House of Sheens is retailing some of our bags in a brick-and-mortar store – Threadbare and Squirrel!
Threadbare and Squirrel is a store with an eclectic selection of labels that are mostly designed by Singaporeans, such as House of Sheens! The shop is owned by Adrian and Val, who have shown themselves to be big supporters of local designers. Labels such as Al&Alicia and max.tan find their place in this cozy store just around the corner of North Bridge road.
A visit to this store is definitely an eye-opening experience. Ditching the usual bright lights and snazzy designer shelves, Threadbare and Squirrel instead opts for toned-down lighting and wooden cases to showcase the multitude of products they have carefully curated. If that alone doesn’t convince you that this shop is one of a kind, Threadbare and Squirrel is in fact a converted shophouse, not a mere modern boutique in a shopping mall, with a wooden staircase that leads up to the more spacious second floor.
We are really stoked to be retailing in this shop that has just as much character as our House of Sheens bags! Head down to Bali Lane for your retail therapy fix today and try on our bags. Look out for our Ava clutch and Feroze clutch from our latest Larian collection! 😉
House of Sheens bags you can find in Threadbare and Squirrel:

Motherhood is a word that holds many contradictions. You have to be full of energy to play with your kids, but you can be completely drained by the time they are asleep. They give you so much happiness and yet, you worry about everything in their lives. Their smiles melt your heart, but at the same time you develop an enormous amount of strength to protect them.

Motherhood definitely revolutionises any woman’s take on life. This provided Shireena, Sheens’s designer and managing director, with the push to design the Larian collection. The collection was designed after the birth of her second child and its name Larian comes from a combination of her two children’s names. It can definitely be said that she poured her heart and soul into the Larian collection, both literally and figuratively.

Fittingly, the designs in the Larian collection are a reflection of the contradictions of motherhood. Exotic python skin is contrasted against simple black calfskin in our Paz clutch while functionality and quirkiness fuse perfectly into our signature Tous tote. The highlights of the collection are the metallic colors in silver and gold, a trend that is set to rage on for more than just a while. After all, silver and gold never grows old.

The fierce edginess of this collection is the antithesis of what a new born child may connote, but the designs are simplistic and uncomplicated, much like a child. Carry our Larian bags to express your appreciation for both the complexity of motherhood and the simplicity of finding joy in the innocence of children.

This stunning collection will be released in June! Do keep an eye out for the upcoming release of the Larian collection, a synthesis of fearless patterns with classic minimalism.

House of Sheens started out in 2012 and has since matured significantly as a brand. With four collections under our belt, including the edgy Larian collection that was recently released on 27th June, we are pleased to announce that we are marking this momentous milestone with the introduction of our first brand ambassador, Suhina Singh Cesenni.

Suhina was a finalist in the 2001 Miss South Africa Pageant at the young age of 19 and also has a medical background. She is currently leading the marketing and communications department of 10 Minutes With (10MW), a business co-founded by her husband.  Being such an amazingly accomplished woman in her own right, Suhina definitely disproves the usual phrase “beauty is only skin-deep” with her wit and passion during our email interview with her.


1. Could you tell us a little about your background as a doctor and a model?
Actually, I started modelling at a young age. I have a love for fashion, so modelling seemed to be a natural inclination. Medicine is also a passion of mine as I enjoy helping people and making a difference in people’s life, hence my career as a General Practitioner (GP).


2. What made you transit to taking on your current position of being the head of Marketing and Communications here in Singapore?
The switch to Marketing came about by chance. I was unable to practise in Singapore despite being registered to practise in both South Africa and the UK. I spent a good couple of months working in a medical communications company here, but it wasn’t a good fit with what I wanted to do. I was considering moving back to the UK, when the opportunity at 10MW presented itself. I was asked to help out with the social media for a week, while they tried to find the right match for the role.
The reason I fell in love with 10MW is because it has a very human aspect to it. We get to help people with one of the most important decisions in their lives – their career. In that week, not only did I get to love what the platform does, but I also saw how I could help to grow the platform. Thus, I created a marketing and communications team. Being a doctor has helped me to learn several skills, of which includes communication. My love for fashion also ignites my creativity, an essential asset in Marketing.


3. What about your passion for bags?
 I am a self-confessed bag-a-holic that loves to collect bags. My preferences vary, but currently, my two favourite bags are my Celine Mini Luggage and my Louis Vuitton W PM bag. I am also in love with backpacks and cross-body bags at the moment!


4. How does House of Sheens fit in with your personal style?
The best aspect of the bags designed by the House of Sheens, is that the bags are so easy to carry and match. They
instantly up the chic factor to any outfit!


5. Lastly, being the ambassador for House of Sheens, what would you like to convey to all women out there?
Love yourself and be yourself!
The multi-faceted lady is the ideal epitome of what every woman who carries products by House of Sheens aspires towards. Suhina perfectly embodies the House of Sheens spirit within her – confidence, independence and passion not just for style, but also the world around her.

Currently, House of Sheens boasts three collections under our belt, including the new Larian collection. Shireena, our managing director, has always been fully in charge of all the designs. She draws inspiration from all sources, from nature to her travels to her personal experiences in life.


However, we are planning a surprising, but exciting twist in our operations. We hereby announce our collaboration with MDIS School of Fashion and Design! The students have been working on their assignment, whereby they design accessories and bags that House of Sheens will eventually select and bring alive. The winners of the competition will get to realise their fashion dreams and see them come to life. These designs will be released as part of the next collection by House of Sheens.


We are really thrilled about this collaboration with young designers who are full of the vibrancy, enthusiasm and innovation that comes with youth! We are confident that this will further establish House of Sheens’ presence and identity as a luxury lifestyle brand, while at the same time, reaffirming the creativity of MDIS Fashion and Design students. This collaboration will definitely inject a few shots of the young students’ unique takes on House of Sheens as a brand, fusing the classic and the innovative. With the young generation at the helm, we eagerly anticipate a new wave of creativity in bag design!

Do look out for sneak previews of more exciting designs in the works by the students!