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House Of Sheens works with different educational institutions such as Raffles College and MDIS to showcase young talents by giving them the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions. In this way we mentor students by making them learn the design and business side of fashion. We always fulfil the schools missions by nurturing a new generation of fashion professionals.

House Of Sheens will be collaborating with Raffles Design Institute at The Straits Clan to showcase the designs of the students.  The event will be held at the members only club at The Straits Clan from 6PM to 9PM.  Not only will guests get to view the new collection, they will also have the opportunity to design their own luggage tags. We are also giving away a 2 night stay at local boutique hotel Ann Siang House in the heart of the city, as well as a stay at luxurious L Hotel in Seminyak in Bali!

The fashion marketing students of Raffles Design Institute designed a travel set containing a tote bag, a wallet and a passport cover.

The winners are; Priscilia Cantika, Sylar, Livia and Ayisha.


I’m Livia and I’m 20 years old, originally from Jakarta. I am currently studying at Raffles College of Higher Education in Singapore, majoring in International Fashion Business. I love to design and creating new brands; my future aspiration is to own a fashion label in Indonesia. My House of Sheens concept is inspired by my own problems finding the right accessories for traveling, so I wanted to create products that easier for me to take out my daily necessities when travelling.


Priscillia Cantika

My name is Priscilia Cantika and I’m an International Fashion Business student from Indonesia who is currently studying at Raffles Colleg of Higher Education in Singapore.   I’ve always loved fashion since I was a kid and I really like to design and draw. Growing up, I started to realize that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. Realizing this passion has encouraged me to study fashion business as I can combine my interest in fashion with learning the business side of fashion. After I graduate I hope I can create my own fashion brand. My passport case is inspired by the Straits Clan building. Aside from the colours, I really like a private members club lie the Straits Clan can have many functions like a restaurant, bar, café and even a spa for its members. I wanted to apply this multi-functional concept into my design by creating a passport case that can be useful for keeping a lot of things such as cards and boarding pass.

Cheung Sehyuk (Sylar)

My name is Cheung Sehyuk but my friends call me Sylar. I am from Korea and I especially like coordinating clothing collections. In the future I want to work in Visual Merchandising. The concept behind my designs for the House Of Sheen project was a camera bag to protect your favourite travel companion, whilst carrying every day items. The lines of the bag are inspired by the interior design elements of the Straits Clan that could be easily incorporated into exotic skin.

Ayisha Goud

I am Ayisha Goud from Raffles College of Higher Education, about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, in International Fashion Business. Creativity is something that is integral to my personality and I love to learn new things. Fashion Marketing teaches you something new every day and that’s what inspires me to pursue a future career as a Fashion Marketer. The concept for my House of Sheens designs was related to making travel easy for women. As we all know women don’t tend to travel light and so, to make things easier for ladies, I came up with a design that could serve two purposes at the same time and make travelling easier and fun.

Look forward to seeing you at Straits Clan 31 Bukit Pasoh Rd.


House Of Sheens is  back at Boutique Fairs!  This time, its The Gifting Edition!We will have many designs in store for you along with some great deals. And we also will be having two new designs for you in store. We will be there on November 9, 10 (9AM-8PM) and 11 (10AM-6PM). The Holidays are coming up, so its time to shop for your loved ones. This is one way to do your Christmas shopping if you have no idea what to get at the mall.  You can also treat yourself for the Holidays with some retail therapy to cheer yourself up. You deserve a real treat after all your hard work.

Boutique Fairs started in 2002 by Charlotte Cain. This shopping event is held twice a year in April and November. They mainly cater to independent brands to showcase and sell their products, from clothes, jewelry and toys. Not only do shoppers shop, there is also an F&B lounge on level 3 to socialize, eat and drink.

Have you thought of what to give to your loved one or your best friend yet for Christmas? Then think no more. These lovely mini bags in red and silver are the perfect gifts. With the convenient size and reasonable price, they are useful and unique.They can be used on any occasion.


See you all there and happy shopping!



With our mini collection being so popular, we have two new colours being added to the collection. These will be just in time for Boutiques Fair on November 9th – 11th.   We will be adding in an elegant grey and striking silver. (They will both be available at Boutiques Fair starting on the 9th of November until the 11th of November at The F1 Pit Building) So see you all there in one week.

These will match with any outfit from day to night.

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See you all at Boutiques in a week!


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Tell us which one will strike you the most? Sparkling with the silver or simplifying with the grey?

In collaboration with Raffles Design Institute and Straits Clan, House of Sheens is launching a limited edition Travel Collection. These are designed by students at Raffles Design Institute, and will be showcased at Straits Clan.  As part of our mission,we believe in giving back to society and working with students by mentoring them and giving them a series of design competitions as part of a learning opportunity. House of Sheens has worked closely with MDIS School of Fashion and Design as well.
For our Travel Collection which launches at Straits Clan on November 27th, we will be featuring the designs from four talented students; Se Hyuk Chung, Ayisha Hasan,Livia and Priscilia Cantika. These young designers are very truly talented and dedicated and we can’t wait for you to see their creations. The Travel Collection includes a tote bag, passport cover, travel wallet and luggage tag.
We will be launching the collection at Straits Clan on November 27th, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. At the event, we will be showcasing the talented students, and having a workshop to design your own luggage tag. Asides from launching the collection, there will be a photo booth and many more activities. So hope to see a lot of you there!
   Level 3, Bukit Pasoh Road
  Singapore 089845
Here are sneak peaks of our lovely tote bag and wallet that are useful for travelling and leisure time. You will be proud to carry these adorably classy, stylish and functional items.
       Photos are taken and designed by Priscilia Cantika of Raffles Design Institute:


Email us if you wanna attend.

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