At House of Sheens, we take inspiration from our fellow local women in Singapore, and celebrate them this International Women’s Day. These leading ladies are making waves within their respective industries, and we wanted to give them the recognition they deserve! And because we’re all about empowering women at House of Sheens, we also have something special for International Women’s Day, details below!

Kamana Bhaskaran (@kamanabhaskaran)

A full time lifestyle blogger at Social and Style. Moved from Washington DC to Singapore a year ago, she has used the opportunity to blog about living and working in a new country. She has been featured as one of the top 3 mothers on Instagram who prove that age is no barrier to being a successful influencer. Being a new mom, she has re-orientated her social media to cover motherhood as well and receives many messages from women who thank her for showing life from a mother’s perspective. She thinks it’s important to add value to the lives of others.

Velda Tan (@belluspuera)

Velda is one of the co-founders of the well-known fashion brand Love, Bonito and is also the owner of Collate the Label, which is her fourth business. Currently she is a new mom, having given birth to a baby daughter, despite being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Cherie Teng

Cherie Teng, managing director, head of corporate banking in HSBC is not only a driven banker but also a highly involved mother of two. She does a great job In prioritizing her two children and managing the expectations despite having a demanding job. She strong believes in seizing the day and living every day like it’s the last.

Which other inspiring women do you look up to?

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, we have a special collaboration with UN Women Singapore. For any sales made at House of Sheens from 1st march to 14th march, 10% of sales proceeds will be donated to UN Women. Check out our collection here

Bee WoW Launch -6
Image Credit: Aashna Rao

Last week, House of Sheens and Wear Oh Where hosted an exclusive launch party for our joint Bee WoW collection, which was designed to symbolise the feminine strength, endurance, and community-mindedness of the bee.

The evening was filled with countless treats, great vibes, and nuggets of wisdom from our panel of prominent women.

Bee WoW Launch -5
Image Credit: Aashna Rao | Raffles College

The panel featured (L-R): Viola Tan (Co-founder of Love, Bonito), Dolores Au (Founder of VLV and co-founder of Mummyfique), Amadea Ng (Yoga instructor and Creative Strategist at Facebook), and Sunita Pong (Chief Strategist and Deception Detection Expert at Project Renaissance).

Bee WoW Launch -2
Image Credit: Aashna Rao | Raffles College

66 Limited Edition Bee WoW bags were available at the launch, and a few colours were even sold out that evening. Guests were able to browse our beautiful python leather collection while enjoying canapés and cocktails by our food sponsor, Casa Tartufo.

Bee WoW Launch -9
Image Credit: Aashna Rao | Raffles College

Other sponsors of the evening included 8M Real Estate, Chocolate Gems, Angela Flame, and Calliberley. House of Sheens was also glad to have a group of student volunteers from Raffles College, who were simply amazing at aiding us with our images, social media, and even the sale of our bags.

Bee WoW Launch -4
Image Credit: Aashna Rao | Raffles College

The event saw more than 100 attendees, including affluent professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and loyal clients.

Bee WoW Launch -7
Above: Karman (Wear Oh Where) & Shireena (House of Sheens) | Image Credit: Aashna Rao

House of Sheens would like to thank everyone who was part of the launch for making it an evening to remember. Can’t believe you missed it? You can still browse our Bee WoW collection.

Kris Atomic House of Sheens
Image Credit: Kris Atomic |

True beauty comes from within, but we don’t deny that the way you clothe yourself can starkly change the way you feel inside. Just ask Cinderella- After all, she’s living proof that a good pair of shoes can change your life.

Before you purchase that next pair of heels though, we’d like to take another leaf from Cinderella’s book. The Disney Princess may have been delusional (She talked to mice) but she was always kind and helpful. In fact, we think that’s why her fairy godmother gave her those glass slippers. And those glass slippers… They got married to the love of her life (and complete stranger).

Read more “Be Like Cinderella: 7 Fashion Brands That Are Changing The World”

Indulge House of Sheens - Shireena
Archana, founder of Chocolate Gems & Shireena, founder of House of Sheens

While there is no satisfaction like the joy of piecing together an outfit that complements itself perfectly, it’s a task much easier said than done. Which is why House of Sheens and Chocolate Gems has put together ‘Indulge’, an exclusive one-day open showroom where you’ll find your next perfect ensemble from our flawlessly paired collection of exotic leather bags and inspired jewellery.

Indulge House of Sheens 2017
Perfectly matched for your pleasure.

‘Indulge’ is happening from 10:00am till late on 27th September, and is not just any open showroom. Get ready for a myriad of treats, including free express manicures from 12:00-2:00pm by Cecilia Westberry Beauty Spa, and all-day specialty teas by Quinteassential. Yes, sip on delightful tea cocktails while shopping.

That’s right, it’s time to: 

Indulge 2017 House of Sheens

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of life.”
– Bill Cunningham

So yes, come browse from a lovingly curated selection of exotic leather bags and fine jewellery that is sure to inspire your next best outfit.

Our Impavido clutches look best with equally sensual #earcandy
Indulge House of Sheens 2017
Python leather cuffs and cardholders in your favourite colour.

Oh, did we mention? Who can resist a good sale? Shop our evergreen Larian bags, and more.

Indulge House of Sheens 2017
It’s time to indulge yourself.
House of Sheens Indulge 2017
Your next killer outfit is waiting for you.

By House of Sheens & Chocolate Gems

27th September 2017 (Wednesday)
10:00AM till late

House of Sheens showroom
115 Amoy Street #04-00 Singapore 069935
Nearest MRT : Telok Ayer