You know how it is, after a few hours of retail therapy, your stomach starts grumbling as if to say “Okay, enough with the shopping, it’s now time to feed me,”. If you don’t already know, Amoy Street is filled with hidden gems both fashion boutiques and eateries alike. Here is a list of eating places that we highly recommend after a long day of shopping at 115 Amoy Street.

Image Credit: Honeycombers

Ding Dong

If you are feeling adventurous and need a mood-lifter, this is the place to go. With its playful interior and a menu full of South East Asian meal courses with a Western twist such as their homemade banana bread with duck liver and kimchi, Ding Dong is definitely one to check out while you are in Amoy. It definitely has been a favorite for the office crowd during lunchtime as well as after hours.

Image Credit: DanielFoodDiary


Argentinian food is not something that we usually have on a regular basis, so why not give it a try especially since Bochinche is located just next to our lift lobby? Priced at S$27 and $32 for a 2-course and a 3-course meal, respectively, we would say it’s worth a try!

Aloha Poke

If for some odd reason this sunny Singapore weather makes you wish you were in Hawaii instead, head to Aloha Poke! Poké is a Hawaiian staple which is basically a raw fish salad, and has been trending for a while now.

Image Credit: HungryGoWhere

Amoy Street Food Centre

For those who prefer pocket-friendly meals, this foodie playground is for you. Here, you will be put through a dilemmatic torture of deciding what to eat due to the wide range of food that is offered. From the Kway Teow to Costa Rican’s pasty bowls, you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

And of course, just in case you don’t know where WE are located, our address is 115 Amoy Street #04-00, yes, just above Bonchinche and Ding Dong. How convenient!