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As some would have already known, House of Sheens is located in this quaint shop house along Amoy Street. Situated within Chinatown and Outram Park district, Amoy Street is a one-way street filled with eateries, boutiques, and even business offices. It is steadily rising to be one of Singapore’s must-go spots, alongside Ann Siang Hill and Club Street. 

Fun Fact: Amoy Street used to be famous for its opium smoking dens during the British colonial era.

Apart from House of Sheens, there are two other brands that specialise in jewelry that are hidden on the 4th floor of 115 Amoy Street, and they are Lustre and Curated Editions.



House of  Sheens has now come to its 5th year of being a luxury brand that specialises in exotic skin bags. Two new collections have been launched within a span of 2 months this year – which are Impavido, a collection of exotic-coloured python skin clutches that are adorned with a spider embellishment each, and Forza, a line of limited edition crocodile skin bags. We are currently having a summer sale exclusive to showroom purchases only where selected items are sold at a discounted price. Our showroom is open on weekdays from 11am to 3pm.



Image credits: Lustre’s Instagram

Since 2011, Lustre has been delivering high-quality semi-precious jewelry made for women who know no boundaries and are stylish without trying too hard. Gemstones, as we know, vary in shapes, sizes, and colours, hence no two pieces are identical which adds to the unique factor of the brand and its products. The designs of their collections which consist of rings, necklaces, and earrings, are heavily inspired by the life that surrounds the designer, her travel experiences, as well as geometric shapes. Similar to House of Sheens, Lustre’s showroom is now open from 11am to 3pm on weekdays.



Image Credits: www.curatededitions.com

Founded in 2012, Curated Editions started out as online boutique that brings together selective pieces of fashion accessories which are globally sourced. Their collections are a mix of modern and edgy pieces that are both understated, yet statement-making, which are hugely inspired by geometric shapes and architecture. Customers can now drop by their showroom which is open Mondays to Fridays from 12pm – 3pm.