Our founder Shireena Shroff Manchharam & her husband are interviewed by the Canary Diamond Company. Here’s what she had to say about her love story with him:


Can you remember the first time you met Ashish?
Shireena: The first time I really “laid eyes” on Ashish was at my cousin’s wedding in Mexico. I remember him being the most handsome guy in the room. All my cousins teased me, and I remember to this day how I made them switch around the seating so I could sit near him (laughs)! Years later, I met him again when he would visit his brother in Delhi, where I was living at the time. He started making more trips to “visit his brother”, but I secretly think it was an excuse to see me.

What was your first impression of him?
Shireena: Actually, the very first time I met him was when I was 18. I was visiting Singapore, and he was serving National Service. He was quite shy. We went to the movies at Shaw Centre with lots of friends and cousins. I don’t remember anything we watched, only how nervous I was that he was sitting next to me (laughs)!

Who made the first move?
Shireena: The first move? Hmm… probably him. (Although, I feel like he is going to say it’s me!)

When did you realise that he’s The One?
Shireena: It has to be when I had appendicitis (sexy right?) He was on a boys’ trip in Bali, and I was rushed to the hospital for acute appendicitis. As soon as he heard, he took the next flight out and came straight to the hospital. He stayed there, bought me food and didn’t leave my side. The doctors said I recovered so fast after he walked in the room (haha). I remember just feeling really calm, at the same time, totally head over heels when I was around him. He treated me like a total queen.

What three qualities about him are you most attracted to?
Shireena: He is always calm and cool – nothing really gets him riled up (unlike me). He supports me in my dreams and always encourages me to reach for the stars. He is a fabulous father — he jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn to wake up our children and get them ready for school because he doesn’t see them in the evenings. His total dedication to them makes me love him so much. He always puts the three of us above all else.

Tell us about the proposal.
Shireena: We were in Phuket for a friend’s wedding. After that we went away to spend some time together at this beautiful villa. I had spied a box in the back of the hotel safe at our friend’s wedding, but I wasn’t sure what it was. (I did not touch it!) So at this villa, Ashish organised a romantic dinner for us on the beach, and we started to eat. I remember talking away (as I do), and he was looking so weird and nervous, not listening to a word I was saying. Then out of the blue, he asked: “What finger does the ring go on?” I answered and went on talking… At the end of the night, in front of the waves, he pulled out the box and asked me to marry him.

Awww… Please tell us all about the ring!
Shireena: It’s an absolutely beautiful princess-cut diamond ring from The Canary Diamond where my in-laws have been shopping for years. It was so sparkly and beautiful, I was completely blown away. We then had wedding bands made there, too, with the words “Always Ashish” and “Always Shireena” engraved. When I had my children, Ashish also bought me a pair of earrings and a yellow diamond set from you guys.

What would you say is one of the most memorable moments you have with Ashish?
Shireena: The most memorable moments are definitely our big fat Indian wedding in Bali, the birth of our two amazing children, and celebrating 10 years together in Austria this January.

Be spontaneous: What would you like to say to Ashish right now?
After all that mushiness, I would like to say, please stop using your phone 24/7 and working, and spend more time talking to me (laughs)!

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Image credit: Karman Tse of Wear Oh Where