Introducing Afiqah, the latest addition to the House of Sheens team.

17th Blog

What made you interested in working for HOS?

I first met the House of Sheens team during an interview in school for an accessory design assignment-cum-competition that was done in collaboration with the brand.

Fast forward a month from then, me and three other classmates, were chosen to design House of Sheens’ very first all-leather collection. Regular meetings were held to discuss our ideas and to receive feedback from both Shireena and Penn for us to improve on our developments. It is through these interactions that I found these two individuals to be truly inspirational.

Shireena is one of those people who believes in dreams and will strive to make them come true. Her perseverance, as well as her supportive and positive nature, are a few of the many things that I admire her for. It’s unimaginable how she has the ability to always make time for work, her kids, and even the gym.

Penn is equally amazing. The way she is able to juggle work, social life, and school (and now working on her collection for Air Asia’s Runway Ready Designer Search 2016) just leaves me in awe. Her willingness to share her knowledge and technical skills in fashion during the developmental stage of putting together the all-leather collection is something my classmates and I will always be grateful for.

In addition to the amazing team, I feel that the brand ethos is in line with what I personally aspire to do; that is to inspire and empower others.

Need I say more why I’m interested in working for House of Sheens?

Tell us a bit about your background?

 My name is Afiqah and I am 25 years old this year. I was born and raised in Singapore. Prior to obtaining my Diploma in Fashion Design and Marketing from MDIS, I had 3 years of nursing education in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and worked for 4 years in SGH after.

And here I am today working for House of Sheens.

Where does your passion for fashion come from?

I guess my passion for fashion derives from the pleasant feeling that I get every time I put together outfits that define who I am. I want to be able to create something, anything, not necessarily clothes, to inspire others and replicate that positive feeling so others can feel the same way too. I believe that fashion has the power to bring out that positive feeling.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Who knows where any one of us will be 10 years down the road? I feel that life takes us to places we never imagine we would ever be. To me, what matters the most is that we love doing what we do.