It was one of those much-needed trips, where all you want to do is switch off. Ignore the blackberry, get lost in your thoughts and enjoy the sound of nature. Sound familiar?

The best medicine is basking under clear blue skies on white sands, with a view of crystal water stretching on forever. There are many places in the world that can give you a slice of tropical paradise. But there are very few that are true hidden gems.

Guess where?

The Seychelles…Some 1500 km from the east of Africa lies this breath-taking country that sparkles in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Gorgeous would just be an understatement.

The peaceful environment and tranquility almost makes you feel guilty for whispering. The never-ending stretches of white sands edged by coconut palms and crystal clear waves with not a soul in sight are good enough to mesmerize anyone. Besides emerald lagoons and coral reefs, there is a lot more to be seen. Hikes and nature trails among the lush hills and towering granite mountains are all part of the experience. It makes you realize that life in the Seychelles is so natural and uncomplicated; a real novelty from the bustling fast paced life of Singapore.

And that’s when inspiration hit. To form a new collection that would express the beauty of the Seychelles. From the vivid colors found in the natural surrounding, to the uncomplicated way of life; the Seychelles was a slice of the ultimate tropical paradise. Who could want more?

This collection promises to encompass vivid, bold colors that stand out and create a real impact. The designs are uncomplicated, functional almost, and practical. But the color of the skin is what will blow you away. Inspired by the crystal blue shades of water that sparkle under the sun, and the lush greenery of the palms that spill onto the water’s edge…we got it.

Stay tuned for some sneak peaks into our new collection!