Recently, House Of Sheens hosted the #inspiringstrongwomen Event. We heard so many inspiring success stories from our guest speakers and hopefully empowered so many woman from all walks of life. Lurata Lyon was one of our guest speakers. Lurata is a public speaker and coach who has come through her very own journey of survival. From battling through war in the former Yugoslavia to setting up her own fitness business and ultimately moving into the coaching circuit – she gives people an easy-to-access framework for achieving their goals.

At eighteen years of age, Lurata fled her family home on the Serbian Kosovo border at the height of the former Yugoslavian conflict. Having survived the ordeals that followed, Lurata’s journey is a powerful testament to the strength and character of women and how you can always achieve your goals if you commit to them.

She later ran her own personal training and rehabilitation business, where she was exposed to A List clients. She then trained in public speaking and pivoted her career into motivational speaking, which extended to coaching others to have better confidence in this area. She has worked alongside some of the most highly regarded coaches who are now her mentors.

Her recently published book, The Devil Couldn’t Break Me, is a story of courage and hope and the strength of her spirit.