Interview Qian Qian
You may have some questions about the lovely model who keeps appearing on our Instagram feed. She’s none other than our beautiful Jamie Wu Qian Qian. If you’re wondering how her makeup looks totally #onpoint, well, Ms. Gayathri Menon is responsible for that. We grabbed these two amazing ladies for a cosy little sit-down and chat. Enjoy!
Hi Qian Qian! What inspired you to be part of our shoot?
I’ve always admired women entrepreneurs, especially those who are mothers. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment. I owned my own business a while ago without kids, and I know how big of a take-on it is. I love to offer help in any way to women who have made that brave choice.
What do you love about House of Sheens?
Its originality and uniqueness, the amount of work that goes into the products being hand made and a touch of femininity while maintaining the contemporary spirit.
What did you want to portray on the shoot?
A modern woman who knows what she wants, who’s sophisticated and worldly, not afraid to be herself, and maybe just a little wild.
Interview Qian Qian 2
How was your experience on the House of Sheens photoshoot?
I love collaboration. I especially love when a team of creative people came together and brought an idea of imagination into realisation. We all had fun.
Thank you, Qian Qian! You can follow her on Instagram.
Gayathri Menon Interview
Image Credit: Gayathri Menon | Instagram
Hi Gayathri! What are your top makeup tips for those living in SG?

Great skin is always the best route to good makeup.  Less is more in a hot and humid weather. Keep your face matte, as it will get oily. Also, use waterproof  products when necessary.


What would you like to say to aspiring make up artists?

Have a good attitude. You’ll meet all kinds of people. Be helpful. And don’t put down other artists. We are all a part of the same industry. Training and experience go a long way, so keep learning.


Gayathri, what inspired you to be a makeup artist?

I love how looking good is such a simple act, and can add volumes of confidence to a woman. I love to see the expression on my client’s face after a makeover session, and hearing them say they never thought they could look so good.  I believe every woman can look beautiful.


Awesome. Tell us about your journey to becoming a makeup artist.

It was a natural transition. I went from Fashion Styling, to Wardrobe Styling, and then to Makeup and Hair. Basically, I think I’ve gone the whole cycle in learning how to complete the whole image of a woman, and some men (laughs).


Gayathri Menon Interview
Image Credit: Gayathri Menon | Instagram


How do you think makeup brings out a woman’s confidence?

Looking good, however simple it is, always adds a feeling of confidence to every woman. It’s simple- A bright lipstick can immediately make someone feel like a million bucks, and a soft nude lip colour can instantly make someone feel put together.


How was your experience working with other #SheensWomen on the recent photoshoots?

Every woman is special in her own way. I loved seeing confident women supporting and helping other women.


Thank you, Gayathri! You can see more of Gayathri’s work here, or follow her on Instagram.