Motherhood is a word that holds many contradictions. You have to be full of energy to play with your kids, but you can be completely drained by the time they are asleep. They give you so much happiness and yet, you worry about everything in their lives. Their smiles melt your heart, but at the same time you develop an enormous amount of strength to protect them.

Motherhood definitely revolutionises any woman’s take on life. This provided Shireena, Sheens’s designer and managing director, with the push to design the Larian collection. The collection was designed after the birth of her second child and its name Larian comes from a combination of her two children’s names. It can definitely be said that she poured her heart and soul into the Larian collection, both literally and figuratively.

Fittingly, the designs in the Larian collection are a reflection of the contradictions of motherhood. Exotic python skin is contrasted against simple black calfskin in our Paz clutch while functionality and quirkiness fuse perfectly into our signature Tous tote. The highlights of the collection are the metallic colors in silver and gold, a trend that is set to rage on for more than just a while. After all, silver and gold never grows old.

The fierce edginess of this collection is the antithesis of what a new born child may connote, but the designs are simplistic and uncomplicated, much like a child. Carry our Larian bags to express your appreciation for both the complexity of motherhood and the simplicity of finding joy in the innocence of children.

This stunning collection will be released in June! Do keep an eye out for the upcoming release of the Larian collection, a synthesis of fearless patterns with classic minimalism.