There is so much happening at House of Sheens that we are excited about,  we just had to tell you! With August just around the corner we have a new collection coming that is Diwali inspired, so be ready for some bold, beautiful and classy bags arriving to show off to your girlfriends!  These will be launched ready for the Diwali season.  See us at St. Regis Hotel on the 29th August with Divas Closet, where you can get your hands on one of these limited edition bags!

The design process, creativity and inspiration behind our products at House of Sheens is a huge part of why we are so passionate and love launching our new collections.  We take pride in choosing the right quality, ethically sourced skins to use.

On our recent trip to Bali we sourced the best and most beautiful exotic skins! Check out some of these beauties below.