House of Sheens loves inspiring, strong and confident women. Meet Sarah Atiq, a super mom and fashion blogger in Singapore. She literally embodies all the traits, and is definitely a #SheensWoman. We couldn’t be more thrilled at our collaboration with her, and to have her in our #SheensSquad. Get to know this girl-next-door turned fashion star in our interview with her. Don’t forget to also follow her on Instagram @sarahatiq and on her blog

1) As a mother and blogger, how do you relate to House of Sheens and the mission behind the brand?


My blog is currently over a year old, in the beginning I started off with styling advice and describing how to put outfits together. While those posts did great initially and allowed me gain a following, I felt in my second year of blogging I wanted to reach out and collaborate with brands that truly fit my style. I wanted my blog to be a platform where I could introduce different brands to my followers.


As a blogger, I had been admiring House of Sheens bags for the longest time. They are absolutely gorgeous and the quality is truly on par with other luxury brands. I personally feel that right now most luxury brands are just not exciting me to make a purchase (I do really love Fendi and Gucci). But in general it feels as if they are producing the same bags in different sizes and colours and to me this is quite boring. On the other hand, I instantly loved the clutches from House of Sheens and found them so unique. I also love that there are limited pieces produced in each collection, so you know that you have something special. After becoming a mother, the focus of my life has shifted to my children and when I do splurge on myself I really want to invest in one gorgeous piece. At House of Sheens, the bags are so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. And they are so fun and playful, they truly fit my style.


2) Fashion blogging sounds very exciting, could you give us an insight into the challenges you face or advice you would give an aspiring blogger?


I have always loved Fashion, ever since I was a little girl. But I started my blog much later in life, after I had children and no interest left in my previous banking job.


While it does sound exciting, the competition is really quite tough, it is really hard to differentiate yourself from others, especially because they have been doing this for several years. At times I also find it hard to motivate myself, I am my own boss but that does come with challenges. I generally work on the website or editing photographs between 8 pm to 2 am on a daily basis. But I am able to commit to this because I really love what I am doing and it makes me feel satisfied. My advice to other aspiring bloggers would be to do what makes you happy and stay true to your self. I think it is important to follow your dreams and do something you are truly passionate about because then nothing will stop you from living your dream.


3) With so many international and smaller local brands, what do you look for when associating yourself with a brand?


When I am associating myself with a brand I always look at their brand story because this differentiates them from others. Some brands just feel closer to your heart because they are more relatable. And I believe that when you work closely with a brand, you need to have similar values. This allows me to feel genuine and truly makes my work easier. Because it doesn’t feel like work, everything I say comes from my heart.


4) Currently what are some of your favourite local brands?


Some of my favourite Singaporean labels are Collate the Label, In Good Company and Beyond the Vines. I love each and every piece from their collections. And funnily enough I always get asked where my clothes are from every time I style a look using a piece from these brands.


5) What inspires you to do what you do, and what is the message you try and convey through your blog?


I had my children quite soon after I got married. Initially I was quite content with being at home with them and being a full time mother. But once they grew up, I wanted to find my own identity, away from being just a mother. At the same time, a lot of my friends approached me and asked me for styling tips and to go shopping with them. This helped build my confidence to start a blog. Through my blog I want to give other women confidence on how to put looks together and to make the most out of their wardrobe  (I am all for repeating pieces and wearing them in a different way). I know that I have encouraged a lot of my friends to dress differently and to try wearing culottes or pleated skirts. Nothing is more inspiring than making someone feel happy and confident about themselves.