This month, Shireena shared her views on how workwear has evolved and how it affects women, in Travelshopa’s article The Changing Face Of Workwear. 

“Workwear has evolved as women have gained more independence and confidence in the workplace,” says Shireena Manchharam, Managing Director and Founder of Sheens Image Consulting.

She believes women now have more choices when it comes to workwear. “While women were traditionally encouraged to wear black pantsuits and skirt suits, they now have the freedom to be more bold and creative in terms of dress,” says Manchharam, who is also the Founder of accessory label, House of Sheens.

“These changes came about as women ascended the corporate ladder. The ability to dress as a “woman” and not suit up to mirror a “man” is very empowering for females. It gives us a choice to dress femininely and yet be respected in the workplace,” she adds.

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