Bee WoW Large Copper

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Our Limited Edition Collection of Bee WoW Bags come in multiple colours. Available in rich burgundy, emerald green, classic black, and more, each of the 66¬†bags features beautiful gold hardware, an adjustable strap, inner suede lining, and of course, the endearing bee motif. The Bee represents feminine¬†beauty, community, and strength, and encapsulates every woman’s unwritten story, making this bag a unique symbol of your greatest struggles and triumphs.

Dimensions: 26cm L x 22.5cm H x 7cm W. Material: Snakeskin outer, suede lining inner. Gold straps that double up, inner zip pocket. Flap closure. House of Sheens gold logo at the back.

Material & Care

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Store in a dark, dry place. To remove dirt, use a dry cloth to dab area and wipe in the direction of the scales.


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