When it comes to the everyday dilemmas of coordinating an outfit, there’s one quote that you should always keep in mind “Fashion fades, but style is eternal”. Simply put by the great designer Yves Saint Laurent, there is much truth in this statement. The key to being style conscious isn’t about blindly following fashion rules and copying trends from fashion magazines. Going along with the latest trends is easy, but eventually, they fade away to be replaced by another one, but personal style is about what YOU like and what makes YOU comfortable.

Color Tones

Coordinating outfits can come as a challenge to many with all the endless sources of fashion tips in magazines, online and on TV. The rules and regulations of what to wear and what not to wear pile up and can make getting dressed seem like a chore instead of fun and effortless. It can become a challenge for some to decipher which colors go with one another and which ones don’t, however it’s all a matter of perspective and being able to have the vision to mix and match different shades and hues.

Harmonizing colors that go with one another is much easier than one would think, the best way to start out is to take a look at a color wheel or the color spectrum. By viewing the color spectrum you can get a feel for which colors would complement each other and also how cool and warm colors look together (or not!). Cool hues generally consist of blues, greens and violets while warm colors are made up of yellows, oranges and reds. Sticking with wearing colors in the same color family can help make coordinating outfits a bit easier. However you can experiment and have fun by mixing the color families together using shades that are diagonal from one another on the color wheel.

To be on the safe side, you could go along with a color family that blends well with both warm and cool colors – neutrals. As their name suggests, they and work well with all colors. White, black, gray, browns and tans are considered neutrals, and for those who are willing to experiment, navy and olive green can also be used as neutrals.


Mixed prints

Wear prints and patterns can be tricky and sometimes make you like a clown. So do you blend prints and patterns together to pull off a great look? The answer again is simple, and it’s all about what makes you feel good and comfortable is the best choice.

Pick out the most prominent colors from your printed clothes, and use those colors as a guide to help you to keep your outfit coordinated. Remember to tone down on other matching pieces of clothing or accessory if the prints are loud and attention grabbing. You can also pair them with neutrals which is easy and makes your outfit look put-together.

Wearing animal prints is also considered risky by many, and especially pairing it with florals, stripes or polka dots. It’s a style risk that not many make but pairing with classic black and white or choosing helps to bring style and class to your outfits.

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At the end of the day, getting dressed is about personal style and what YOU like, not about what everyone else is doing. There will be trends that slowly (or quickly) change and there have always been fashion rules. But sometimes rules can be broken to express your individuality. If you like it wear it, anything that makes you feel good and confident is in good style and taste. When it comes to individual style, there are no rules!