Every woman has a huge wardrobe that sometimes we forget where we store our items. There are ways to store your bags in drawers if you don’t have any space in your wardrobe that are apparently full of clothes. If you have many bags as well especially if we women love to change bags everyday, then here is a solution organise your clutches, crossbodies and totes accordingly. This way you won’t have a difficult time hunting for your bags everyday.

Grab some dividers and/or baskets from Ikea or Daiso for your tiny crossbodys and satchels. These will be able to fit into your drawers.



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To be organised with your precious bags, just put two big ones in each empty drawer and separate your smaller bags/clutches.


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With the dividers for your small bags, especially since us ladies own a combination of big and small ones, we won’t have anymore trouble finding the particular bag we wanna carry for the day.