In commemoration of Singapore’s 51st birthday this week, Vanilla Luxury has compiled a list of Singaporean products that they love. Here are our personal favourites from their top 10 list!

 1. Earrings from Carrie K

Homegrown artisan Carrie K is a legend who left her fast paced advertising job to pursue her dream of being a silversmith. Her jewellery is playfully provocative as ‘an antidote to a world that takes itself too seriously’. Her online store could mean hours of surfing and serious damage to that credit card but we fell in love with her Key Hole Earrings in Rose Gold. Simple yet defining, this piece is from Disney and Carrie K’s collaboration which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

2. Crazy Rich Asians, The Book

For those of you living under a rock or too busy to be reading fast fiction, Kevin Kwan’s depiction of the Singaporean elite has taken the world by storm. We took to his first book Crazy Rich Asians, at a recent holiday, when all other fiction paled in comparison. From old money to classic stereotypes, this page turner is quite the roller coaster ride. With a sequel and an impending Hollywood movie release, we think this Singaporean novel demands your attention and now!

3. A House of Sheens Signature Clutch

Crafted by regional artisans within South East Asia, House of Sheens is a homegrown brand that offers a range of  leather accessories. What’s more, 30% of the proceeds from their new collection go towards the Singapore Committee for UN Women. This gorgeous Esperanza Clutch in Fuschia is handmade with snakeskin leather, complete with a butter-soft suede interior. Fashion, quality and giving back; what’s not to like!

This article originally appeared on Vanilla Luxury. Read the full article here.